Halbwarm B2B Outreach

Generate real and predictable revenue via full calendars of qualified client decision maker calls with a guaranteed minimum ROI of 300% through halfwarm email outreach. Effortless and done for you.

A partnership makes sense if

  • Your average customer lifetime value is above 15.000 €.

  • You want to target the german B2B market.

  • Your average closing rate with qualified leads is above 20 %.

  • You use HubSpot as your CRM.

  • You have empirical case studies that show that your offer has a positive ROI or brings savings for your customers (e.g. for Y we did X amount of additional revenue/orders)

Our process for turning every 1 € into at least 3 € for you:

  1. Analysing your optimal B2B target market potential (wo we will target) and forming it into an Action Inducing Offer Line.

  2. Starting technical ramp-up phase (systems, touchpoints)

  3. Ongoing Target Group Prospecting and Personalisation

  4. Writing target group specialised campaigns

  5. Executing, monitoring and optimising outreach campaigns

  6. Conversational handling of leads (Inbox Management)

  7. Lead handover by booked meetings with your team (handover of conversation and aggregated data included)

  8. Following up with leads after they replied

Do you send trash spam emails and messages? What is your secret?

No. The secret is not even a secret.
We specialise on sending highly personalised cold email campaigns to your dream decision makers with an average reply rate of around 25 %.

How is your pricing structured?

For our done for you packages, we have two stages:1. Setup Investment (fixed)
2. Per Meeting Booked (Performance based, variable)
Depending on the calendar capacity you need, the booking contingent will be prepaid. There is a carry over of prepaid meetings which weren't used to next month.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes. We offer a 101% money back guarantee on the setup investment if you don't get results in the first 1 1/2 months after starting to work with us.If you in any case don't want your unused prepaid meetings to be carried over, we will refund them.

How much do I have to invest to get results?

That really depends on your business case and the target group.
Please be sure to calculate with the following numbers:
7500€+ Setup (includes first meetings, 101% money back guarantee)
500€+ per Meeting
For a hypothetical B2B agency with a CLV of 30.000 € and a closing rate of 21% this would be an ROI of 1260%.Keep in mind: this varies depending on our outreach difficulty analysis.

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